Season Overview:
Support? Shocking.
Team? Not much better.
It’s obvious that this years attendance has been brutal compared to last years run.
That’s not just saying the Maroon Army in general but as a whole which can’t be ignored.
It’s a pity that there isn’t as good atmosphere as last season, it’s also clear that our section might as well be dead.
A few of us tried kicking it off a few times to get the group back together but sadly no luck.
For the ones who are still trying to push the group to become bigger as a whole, it will be a task for us still remaining to fix this.
Our section can’t be expected to create the whole atmosphere, if you sing when we do why not join us in the section? Doesn’t cost anything, if anything it would help the atmosphere grow together.
The Maroon Army absence can’t be the only blame for this years massive decrease in attendance either considering you could nearly count the amount of fans at the games these days.
Not trying to create a bigger divide than there is, just thought might as well get the silence out of the way.
At the end of the day we all support the same club with the goal of seeing the Tribesmen rise once again.
That’s that for now,
See ye in pre-season and on the forums.
– The Remaining Maroon Army.