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The Fans’ View (#4).

Dominick Walsh- Galway.

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How did you first become interested in Galway United?

I was brought to my first game in October 1985 as a seven year old by my Uncle Patsy. We were playing Lyngby from Denmark in our first ever home European game . The game was played in the Sportsground which we lost 2-3 on the day. I was completely hooked and still am. Even to this day I still check on Lyngby’s scores.

What is it like to be both involved with board and a loyal supporter of the team?

At the start it was quite difficult with the four entities around the table. A lot of big egos around the table but as it transformed into just ourselves and when we got the chance to drive the club forward it became more enjoyable. Sometimes you have to bite your lip when you would like to speak your mind online but you have to remember the position you hold and to respect it.

What do you think of the match day experience and atmosphere in Terryland?

Unfortunately this season was very poor. It seems that some people were distracted with other agendas outside of the football and forgot to come back. Its amazing that these people could give so much free time to other things and then in the same breath criticize the good work we as volunteers were trying to do from afar. While been in full employment,having families we still commit to the club in the good times and the bad unlike others.

Favourite moment as a United supporter?

I have a few; Johnny Glynn’s goal from Tommy Keane’s cross in the 1991 FAI Cup final, winning the 1st Division in the 1992/93 season, the League Cup final win on New Years Day 1997 down in Cork when we were a 1st Division team and they were in the Premier, and getting promoted in the 1998/99 season finishing second on goal difference to Drogheda. 

Favourite United player, past or present?

Past would be Gerry Mullan or Mark Herrick. Present would be Conor Barry .

Best Young Player to keep an eye on?

Colin Kelly looks a promising you talent. Chris Horgan could turn out to be a future legend at the club also.

Favourite away ground in Ireland?

Have always enjoyed my trips to Turners Cross, cracking stadium.

Best away fans in Ireland?

When in full voice Limerick are great, Shamrock Rovers always bring huge numbers.

If you could sign one LOI player for United, who would it be and why?

Young Aodh Dervin from Longford Town would be a great addition, would love to see Stephen Folan and Ronan Murray make a return also. Possibly Stephen O’ Donnell to see out the rest of his career here. I’m not asking for much lol.

Reflection on the past season?

Very disappointing to be honest. Some senior players that were signed did not perform to the minimum level required and I can honestly see them struggling to get another club next season .

Hopes and Predictions for the coming season?

My hope is that the Co-op will grow in numbers , the people of Galway will come out and support our team. I hope to see our young talent emerge on the division. UCD won the league this season with an average age of 22 years, no reason why we can’t.

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