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New Year’s Resolutions.

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As the New Year approaches, bringing a new pre-season along with, it’s time to reflect on what ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ United need to make to improve in the New Year.

Improve Support + Attendances.

The money coming through the turnstiles every game is undoubtedly one of a club’s biggest sources of income. It can also be a vicious cycle as if a club is on a poor run attendances take a hit, and if a club has less income than budgeted for it can be hard to improve thus leading to more poor results. This can be seen with Galway United’s attendances last season which took a turn for the worse as the team’s form declined. As well as this, larger attendances generates a better atmosphere benefiting both supporters and players.

Improve Consistency.

As Gary Shanahan mentioned in my previous interview with him, one thing United need to do to improve next season is to add an element of consistency to their performances and perhaps go on an unbeaten run. Last season was one marred by inconsistency for United with a couple of false dawns being followed by runs of poor results, so if this issue were resolved it would go a long way in a push for a play-off place.

Sustain A Play-Offs Charge.

One of the most disappointing aspects of last season from a supporter’s point of view was having little or nothing to play for in the latter stages of the season. I’m sure something all supporters would like to see is the team being at least in with a shout come the business end of next season.

Expand The Club’s Support Base

One very good way to increase both the club’s status and revenue is to expand its potential supporter base. How can this be done? On one level it can be done through marketing and the likes from the club itself, but on an individual supporter level it could just be bringing a friend who doesn’t usually attend matches to Terryland. telling people at home and abroad about the club, and sharing the club on social media.

Support The Co-op.

Following on from the previous resolution, the most effective way to build a supporter base and successful is to get numbers to buy into the Fan-Owned Co-Operative. A number of volunteers have done fantastic work to keep the club afloat, but they can’t do everything by themselves and they can’t run a club by themselves.

Join the Co-op today and co-own a football club:

Happy New Year to all, and hopefully we will see some new faces in Terryland in the New Year!

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