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Alan Murphy’s Christmas List.

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Today being Christmas Eve, I have decided to have a look at Alan Murphy’s (hypothetical) Christmas list, which I think may look something like this.

A Goalkeeper.

Despite a poor showing from many senior players last season, twenty year old Tadhg Ryan was a bright spark on many occasions, keeping United’s hopes alive in quite a few games. Looking forward to next season, with Tadhg Ryan moving onto Cork City there is now a sizable gap left in Murphy’s starting eleven. As well as this, a team’s defense is often a lot more confident individually and as a unit when they have faith in the goalkeeper behind them.

An On-field Leader.

One thing that was evident as one of United’s failings last season was a lack of leadership from a number of senior players. With a number of players moving on this season and several youth players, it is now more important than ever that there is some experience in the squad. As well as leadership on the pitch and in the dressing room.

A Solid Defensive Midfielder.

A strong defence is always a good basis to build off for a successful season in the first division and, along with having a solid backline, good cover in front of the defence can make a world of difference. To improve on last season United will certainly need to leak less goals and a player like this would certainly go a long way to helping with that.

A Proven Goalscorer.

The quality of the striker up front can make or break any team, with their goals often being the difference between reaching targets or just missing out. With that in mind, Alan Murphy will undoubtedly be disappointed to see talisman Eoin McCormack leave Galway on his travels. He will also have a job on his hands filling the gap in the team left by McCormack. However, Murphy will be hoping that promising young talent can follow through on his potential on the back of a thirty goal season with the Under 17 team.

A Good Attitude Within The Squad.

One of the most important things that Murphy will be looking to improve upon is the attitude and work ethic of the squad. Speaking as a Galway United I will honestly say I can’t, nor any other fans, fault the players too heavily if they give 100% and just fall short. I’m sure that will be Murphy’s message to the squad, give it your all for the team and the fans.

Most important of all…

A Strong Support.

For a few years now Galway United has been a fan-owned club, something which volunteers have worked hard to make a reality, but this system is unsustainable if the supporters aren’t prepared to back it. The only way the club can survive and move forward is if there is numbers through the turnstiles and people buying into the co-op. If these two things happens the club will undoubtedly progress leading to a positive cycle. The club receives better support, leading to better results, leading to more support, eventually leading to titles and success. It has to start somewhere though.

Buy into the co-op:

Season tickets:

Club merchandise:

Happy Holidays!

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