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The Fans’ View (#3).

Paul Corcoran- Galway.


How did you first become interested in Galway United?

 I was dragged, and I mean dragged, to Terryland by my father and brother sometime in the early 2000s. I didn’t want to be there, had no interest in Galway United whatsoever. Here I am well over a decade later, obsessed!

How do you think United’s status within the county can be boosted to improve attendances?

Winning games!

What do you think of the match day experience and atmosphere in Terryland?

 It’s unfortunately quite dead as of 2018. The Maroon Army to their credit always made plenty of noise over the last few years but they’ve gone missing this season and that’s a shame. It’s a cliché but it’s been a bit like a library this season in Deacy Park.

Favourite moment as a United supporter?

Strangely my favourite moment isn’t winning promotion in 2014. It still has to be watching United avoid relegation on the last day of the 2008 season away to UCD in Belfield. I got to take a half day off school (I was in Junior Cert at the time) and the atmosphere in UCD was phenomenal. I’ve never seen a Galway away crowd like it since. United were dead and buried all season but that run in to the end of the season and to cap it off by avoiding relegation on the last day was magic. I was also sitting behind the then future President of Ireland and massive United fan Michael D Higgins!

Favourite United player, past or present?

It has to be Murphs. Much of my memories supporting the club have involved Alan Murphy. I grew up watching him and after 2014 never thought I’d get a chance to see him play for United again. He’s not only played for the club but he’s only gone and managed the team too. He’s a living legend and I don’t use that term lightly.

Best Young Player to keep an eye on?

Has to be Conor Barry. Big fan of him all season. Great player, plenty of flair, talent and an eye for goal. And he’s worked so hard to get to where he is. He went off to Athlone for first team football and to develop himself when the opportunity wasn’t at Galway a few years ago. He did that and we’ve gotten to see the benefits this season. Really admire him for that.

Favourite away ground in Ireland?

 Richmond Park. Some will disagree with me but it’s always been one of my favourites. It’s nice and compact and there’s a great atmosphere and vibe in the ground. I also had the pleasure of standing on the Camac Terrace with the hardcore Pat’s fans for a game against Dundalk earlier this season when I was living in Dublin. One of my great memories of League of Ireland will always be hearing the vicious barbs the Pat’s fans were shouting in the direction of the Dundalk players. I nearly started to feel bad for Sean Hoare…or as he was known on the Camac ‘Ginger Prick’.

Best away fans in Ireland?

I think Bohs are great. I love seeing them come to Galway. Lots of colour, lots of noise, flags and banners.

If you could sign one LOI player for United, who would it be and why?

 Pat Hoban. A Galway man and a goal machine.

Reflection on the past season?

It was a disaster from start to finish. I genuinely can deal with a team not being good enough but playing to their best. I really can’t deal with a team that is good enough and playing with no desire to win.

Hopes and Predictions for the coming season?

Just that United can get a good team together. That will play to win and play their hardest on the field for the club. Playoffs minimum would be a nice addition too!

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