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The Fans’ View (#2).

Dermot Dooney- Galway.


How did you first become interested in Galway United?

My friend’s dad brought a few of us to the first floodlit match in Terryland, around 1993 I think. I was eight years old and went to a few more matches over the next few years. When I started secondary school I started going regularly and became a season ticket holder. Don O’Riordan , Rory Delap, and Lee Carsley visited our school and convinced some of my school mates to come along too.

How do you think United’s status within the county can be boosted to improve attendances?

The only way the Galway public will come out to games is if there’s a successful first team. A bigger input from the FAI would help. For a comparison, nobody was going to watch womens GAA, a good promotion campaign from the top resulted in 50,000 people turning up for the final last week.

What do you think of the match day experience and atmosphere in Terryland?

I think the match nights are run very well by the tram of volunteers, friendly and welcoming to both sets of supporters. Unfortunately our landlords are idiots. The bar was the best in the league while it lasted. The decision to put a clothes shop in the only area of the ground suited to corporate hospitality was incredibly petty. The “catering” is horrendous. 

Favourite moment as a United supporter?

Sadly most of my best moments are when we have avoided relegation. There was a good buzz in the lead-up to the 2015 EA Cup final. The LOI Dash was great because it coincided with the Co-Op taking full control of the club for the first time.

Best Young Player to keep an eye on?

There are loads of talented kids at the club but currently Colin Kelly looks the most promising. Rooney looks like a real player too.

Favourite away ground in Ireland?

Cobh Ramblers. I love their clubhouse. Nice town to go out in afterwards too.

Best away fans in Ireland?

Shamrock Rovers.

If you could sign one LOI player for United, who would it be and why?

 Pat Hoban. He’s a Galway man and an incredible striker.

What was your experience on the LOI Dash like?

There was a good buzz on the bus all day and night. It was interesting to see the dressing rooms etc, in all the grounds and play on the pitches. The people that opened up the stadiums for us deserve massive credit as does Stephen and Noel Connolly among others for organising. We ended up raising a decent amount of money too. We had a good drink when we got back to Terryland!

Reflection on the past season?

Disappointing season for the senior team. Very positive season for the underage sides. The Academy for younger kids with Johnny Glynn, Phil Trill, Gary Traynor and Ciaran Cafferkey is great to see too.

Hopes and Predictions for the coming season?

I’d like to see the first team populated with our underage team graduates instead of paying high wages to lads from outside. Some of the playing budget should be used to hire a General Manager/CEO as there just isn’t enough volunteers to run a professional club. Long-term I’d love if the club could develop our own stadium and cut ties with the GFA.

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