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Away Days w/ Dylan McGlade.


Dylan McGlade, affectionately dubbed The Midlands Messi, spoke to me about his away day experiences in Galway…

When did you first play an away game against United?

My first game that I actually played in was the away game this where we won 4-1. Before that I was on the bench for the play-off game three years ago when Galway went up and I was with Shels.

What do you think of the Stadium and Facilities at Terryland?

The new stadium is very impressive and the facilities are top class. The pitch has always been one of the best but the old dressing rooms used to let it down, they were very tight.

Favourite moment at Terryland?

The two goals I scored during the last game we played there.

What is the atmosphere like at Terryland?

The atmosphere is usually very good, I remember the last time Galway were in the First Division the crowds were well over a thousand each so it was disappointing to not see that many last time out. Support your club in good and bad times!

How does Terryland compare to other grounds in the LOI?

Terryland is up there with best and facilities in the country for sure.

What do you think of Galway as a city?

I love Galway, my parents used to take me and my siblings away to Galway and Mayo all the time for weekends. Only last year I brought my partner there too for a couple of nights and she loved it.

Do you think United have under-achieved this season?

With the quality of players they have they might feel disappointed, but the league this season has been super tough and you wouldn’t have known which way the league would have gone.

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